14 February – 13 March 2020
Kevin Cyr, Jessica Hess, Drew Leshko, Scott Listfield, The Perez Bros and David Rice.


Within the new currents of North American Contemporary Art, a line of markedly reflexive profile stands out, which strongly takes up the representation through the works of a meta-portrait, where the degradation of the urban environment itself, the daily life and the wear and tear of the society of consumption is emphasized. Promoting the creation of works developed under a reflexive perspective of the subcultures that make up a disparate and varied society, represented in a nostalgic and intimate format. A great narrative that addresses the reality and concerns of a part of American society.

The exhibition «Americana» bases its composition on a careful selection of modern views and scenarios; on occasions dystopian, which coexist with the imagination of David Rice, Drew Leshko Jessica Hess, Kevin Cyr, Scott Listfield and The Perez Bros, who make up the call to be American avant-garde and who move for the first time to Europe, in the form of a collective show, their interesting points of view.

Plastic Murs directs all eyes and the ways of understanding the environment of the artists that make up the exhibition, their works represent in a transversal way creative concepts, proposing to the viewer scenarios where, customs, realism and futuristic fiction, are the artistic result of a powerful story narrative. Participating in the movement of the New American Contemporary Art, which since 2000, reflects a vision especially focused on a society mired in a collective nostalgia, which longs for the golden age where everything was new, exciting and where its history and popular culture were part of the American Way of Life of the last century.

Fran Picazo
Art Advisor and Curator