APRIL 15 – MAY 28


Joy, sadness, love, loneliness, hopes and disappointments … Our lives are an unstable balance between such conflicting emotions as complementary, a succession of experiences that happen over the years and make us stronger, more realistic…
At the end of the day, more alive.

In this new exhibition entitled «Seven Floors to Heaven», Ivana Flores undoubtedly presents one of her most personal projects, inspired by her experiences and emotions in recent years. Ivana paints with her soul and makes art a basis of introspection. Her characters move in an imaginary and magical universe, whose aesthetic is inspired by the circus world of yesteryear. The atmosphere in which it is immersed, full of colors, nature and animals, guides the viewer into the foundation and the leitmotif of the series: in each and every one of her works, the blue eyes of its protagonists insistently fastens us. There, in those eyes, an undeniable sadness is detected, but also and above all lots of inner strength, that strength that only those who can transform pain into love and sadness in beauty have. And life, much life.

«Seven Floors to Heaven» is the result of an intense and passionate creative process that translates the enjoyment of the artist while developing this collection. Her paintings tell their personal work of finding the balance between light and dark, and somehow her understanding of the «circus of life and absence». It is not a sad collection, on the contrary, it is a message of hope, proof that there is life after life. Through art, Ivana is herself and invites us to join her in this fantasy world.

Astrid Jacomme