3 February 2017 – 10 March 2017


Omega is a patient artist, full of imaginative ideas. Who faces oil, watercolor, gouache or Chinese ink likewise with total condescension, with richness and without haste. His technical skills are refined, expressive and enjoy a penetrating power of perception that reminds me of the treatment of the sick characters of Hieronymus Bosch, or the honesty with which Pieter Brueghel the Elder reflects daily life. And why not? Of the more crazy Giraud and his style of synthetic drawing where pure lines define the figures with a representation that comes close to caricature. Routine scenes of little action and much sense of humor.

Omega asked me to write about the work of his new exhibition. Creating is a pleasure that leaves no room for balance, rarely accompanied by love, flirting with recognition, which is its doom. You know what I mean. So it is a perfect excuse to pop into the studio and enjoy his new works.

What I find is fresh, surprising, provocative, and psychedelic? Lunatic? Certainly unfamiliar as regards to my prior opinion about his work. A total amazement. Searching for an explanation to his technique, but failing to understanding anything. I just retain the ink, the layers, the toilet paper and little else. We joked. Once again he has not been able to avoid artistic schizophrenia and, therefore, he has extended the limit of the plastic arts. It is in the viscous realm that calls for the creation of images, for social enrichment. And for that we are grateful.