Alvaro Hernandez, Valencia, Spain. 1985
Juan Santos, Valencia, Spain. 1976
Live and work in Valencia, Spain.


Spanish based artist duo PichiAvo are recognized for their deft ability to ignite relationships between art, sculpture, architecture, space and social contexts. Their unique, at times surreal, style adopts an approach which is both beautiful and performative, firm in its discussion and a perfect deconstruction of classic art and urban art. In so doing, the duo create a lucid, explosive fusion of colours and styles, which whilst faithful to its classic heritage, delivers a new and thrilling vision of contemporary art. Since collaborating in 2007, PichiAvo fleed from the egocentrism of graffiti art, instead uniting to communicate a conceptual urban poetry which is born from the artistic formalism of the street and transferred to the canvas, in a world context that is deeply personal to the artist.