Deih, Dhani Barragan and Jay Bisual.

1 February – 1 March 2019


It is obvious that in the second decade of the 21st century, the new expressions of contemporary art are consolidating a framework of creative action, leaving behind a model of modernities that throughout the twentieth century, was associated with different -isms. All the currents of rupture of the last century proposed a different scheme of perception of reality and therefore of its representation. But never before, the freedom of interaction between artistic creativity, reality and fiction, had been so active, and why not, effective.

We live in times in which hyperconnected news immediately nourishes artistic creation, resulting in new typologies of works such as those that make up this exhibition, works ranging from the artistic representation of an interstellar insider in the solitude of uninhabited spaces, to elements of teriomorphism, cyberpunk and post-pop. Carried out under a utopian parallel and disturbing reality, embodied by creative aesthetic proposals that make up this exhibition created under three hands that draw a Real Fiction alternative.

The powerful narrative nuances typical of comics, manga and lowbrow, are the graphic lines chosen with which the visitors of the Real Fiction exhibition will meet. In these different models of artistic experience, there are some that even have no raison d’être, if it is not feeding on the thematic fuel of the existential day to day of the real fiction of the authors, finding in the narrative inspiration in the media, and the technique in the historical value of the Eastern and Western graphic tradition.

At the same time, their artistic creations look back at us, flooding our consciousness with realities born of his fiction, claiming in the composition of their works the power of visionary anticipation or the resident parallelism in the work represented by this fact and that this way confirms itself.

Plastic Murs presents a reflection of the creative moment of the new expressions of contemporary art, focusing on a tandem that has always enjoyed a lot of prestige in Valencian culture, illustration and urban art. A proposal that seeks balance and contrast, the possibility of enjoying an energetic exhibition in a unique way.

They form this group, Deih, Dhani Barragán and Jay Bisual, artists who brilliantly manage to transfer their style from the sheet to the wall, from illustration to drawing, with a fidelity that makes their works perfectly recognizable by the people who live in the cities and the “great virtual public” that follows these artists through their social networks.

The exhibition Real Fiction is an example of how current plural art, far from seeking a commercial name with which to tag it, wishes to access the great market of world recognition for its own merit, to create new languages beyond being a simple language.

Deih (València, 1977) with a work that usually points to the iconic representation of an Insider in an interstellar place, representing processes, concerns and reasoning, experienced by the artist himself.

Dhani Barragán (Seville, 1989) with a LowBrow aesthetic, elements that evoke the counter-culture using characters that are usually personified animals represented in the form of impossible collage, tangled and apparently disordered, that hide an orchestrated Lowbrow harmony.

Jay Bisual (Vic, 1984) Robots, skulls and freak beings that live in a kind of dystopian version of a neo-city, configuring a psychedelic and surrealist world, where he creates distorted portraits with a touch of humor, a mixture of street reality and science fiction.

Fran Picazo
Art Advisor and Curator