3 June – 29 July


Sol Negro is one of the many names given to Saturn, god of harvest. Who represents the cycles of life, but also the relentless passage of time and therefore, death. Knowledge of trying to understand our meaning and purpose, to seek its influence is to embrace knowledge, although through darkness.

Somberism surrounds us. There are thousands of symbols that show us the way.
They try to give us the answers. Although we refuse to see, they all respond to a unique language. Everything: it terms of good and light, and what bad and darkness represents. Through this proposal Rubenimichi approaches this cosmic language, tracing down the symbols, taking them on as their own and playing with their mystery.

No one can miss it. There is something of witchcraft in this dark and, apparently friendly triune.
In their art, Rubenimichi are driven by a bold intuition that comes from an awe with certain everyday realities culminating in the assimilation of any phenomenon that presents itself as indecipherable. According to their approach this is where the power, energy o magic lies. That is where they find their space, where to speculate through paintings, searching for answers, offering an exhaustive documentation of their fascination. To mention, though it may seem excessive, that their work is a clear reflection of their dogmas and ideals.

Answers are closer than we believe and will possibly be hidden from us forever. However, and meanwhile, we can start to observe these symbols as Rubenimichi has done, with curiosity and delicacy, and persuasive pleasure. In Sol Negro we commune with this dark, different and attractive knowledge, close to frivolity or to sadism, but also to the poetic, to the light and to what is inspiring. It is a contradicting and fascinating power full of chiaroscuro where we find rituals and young virginal goddesses and priestesses in Black Masses or Saturnalias, wrapped in romantic voluptuousness… In these paintings flowing like a torrent of occult imagery: the veil that covers and hides, the sickle, the Jimson weed, the little altars, the bones and all that is mortuary. The hexagon, the satanic triple six or the hexagram or six-pointed star, which is transformed to a perspective cube. But also the hexagon as the cell of the bee, representing secret societies. It is a cumulative game, yes but… Only a game? Or rather a language.

If there is something after death, only Saturn can explain it to us. That is the power of the Black Sun; total darkness that will blind us while giving us answers.

Roberto Salas