Sergio Mora - SoniC BooM

08 May – 13 June


Quick, quick, to break the Sonic waves. So Sergio Mora has become the biggest exponent of Spanish pop surrealism. Mora, versatile painter and illustrator, shatters to a thousand pieces any previous labels and presents himself as a contemporary painter leaping into the void, from the barrel of a human cannonball without any security, helmet or net.
Mora shakes up his dreamlike narrative world of careful and detailed painting in a continuous sequence of sensory and intuitive explosions. The careful planning of previous works yield to uninhibited letting go through unknown and uncertain roads; a priceless act of courage for an artist with solid and recognized work.

The new chameleon-like Mora, removes his velvet jacket to pull on a painter overall, prioritizing exploration and improvisation. Ejecting a stream of visceral worlds, where tinyand controlled strokes are replaced by thick strokes and stains of paint; a world where the meaningful images are mixed with impossible scenes set free from any representation. Locating us now, in scenarios and non-plastic settings achievable only through painting, full of complicity, smelling of comic, of cinema, of music and of popular culture. Cannon shot, somersault and landing feet first.
Ladies and gentlemen, please prepare to lift them high and clap: The artist has arrived

Enric Font