22 June – 3 August 2018

Angel Toren, Anna Ovni, Antonyo Marest, Deih, Dhani Barragan, Dourone, Elbi Elem, Murone, PichiAvo, Roice183, Ruben Sanchez, Sabek and Spogo.


In our summer exhibition we brought together thirteen artists from the urban art scene in Spain, a fresh and vibrant exhibition, full of color, in which, beyond form and content, the works are structured in the same format.

Angel Toren works with pure and geometric lines, his style is a study of typographies that integrates contemporary architecture and graphic design. Anna Ovni’s work evokes internal landscapes and raises metaphorical reflections on the environment, expressed through geometric abstraction, provoking emotions and pulsing the perception of the viewer through the intense relationship it maintains with space and color. Among the reasons represented in the work of Antonyo Marest the geometric figure has a great importance. It is a symbol of personal growth and positivism about architecture, line, plane and color. Roice 183 emphasizes the abstract forms that he uses to compose. At times, the gesture of one who has been painting letters for many years is remembered. Spogo simplifies the style to improve the finishing of the line and composition, visual attention falls on fewer elements and is balanced by color and the use of flat backgrounds that are also part of the overall balance. Of an abstract nature, with a clear interest in movement, the composition and use of forms in space, volume is very important in the work of Elbi Elem.

Deih opens imaginary doors to extraordinary science fiction worlds. Cosmic and surreal scenes populated by cybernetic men and futuristic machines, in a post-apocalyptic environment full of colors that provoke a reflection on our present and future. The works of Dhani Barragan do not leave us indifferent, of lowbrow aesthetic, his scenes are full of color and fantasy, but without losing sight of a refined technique. Fabio López and Elodie Arshak are Dourone, their paintings are figurative. Realistic or surrealist, they harmoniously combine colors with a delicate work of illustration that highlights their unique and recognizable style. The Valencian duo PichiAvo generates a relationship between art, architecture, sculpture, space and social context. In their work we can identify the perfect deconstruction of classical art and graffiti creating a new fusion that, being faithful to its classical heritage, establishes a new aesthetic.

Illustrator and graphic designer MurOne defines his work as an acid combination of pop elements and graphic design. Sabek’s style is very free and open, an imaginary world in which the natural environment is always present, confronting natural values with the mundane existence of being itself. Rubén Sánchez has a marked graphic style with influences of graffiti, skate, cubism, tribal art and the Mediterranean.